With decades of experience devoted to singing other people’s songs, Amy Stone emerges with the grace of a seasoned performer, humility of a newcomer and sage reflections of a songwriter who’s just spent the last few hundred miles simply watching and listening.

In a surprising departure from the ilk of her award-winning comedic ensemble, The Galpines, Amy skillfully balances a well-worn dive into satire with a surprising new exploration of unblushing sincerity in her eponymous indie-rock project, Amy Stone & The Veneers. Merging overdriven Fenders and tube-amps with flourishes of ethereal keys, The Veneers boast influences traversing 90s alt-rock and the retro-synth sounds of Montreal’s mid-aughts. With impressive dexterity, this Moncton quintet navigates an expansive musical range – from impelling dance beats to contemplative folk songs, and soaring piano ballads to dark atmospheric laments. Yet, their underpinnings are always the same – exquisite melodies that stick to you, anchored by Stone’s compelling voice.

Primed with a lineup of singles slated for release this summer, with help from partner Don Levandier (The Motorleague) and producers Nick Fowler (The Daily Planet / The Social) and Adam Dincorn (The Backstays / The Playdates) – Amy Stone & The Veneers are taking to stages across Eastern Canada, with long overdue Stone at the helm.